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Equality & Human Rights Plan

Equality and Human Rights Plan

The Equality and Human Rights Plan for NHS Eastern Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group is our first step in outlining our approach to equality, diversity and human rights. This plan outlines the assurance that the strategic direction of the Clinical Commissioning Group is towards promoting equality and challenging and eliminating unlawful discrimination not just through the services that it is responsible for commissioning but also through its day to day practices across the organisation.  It sets out the commitment of the Clinical Commissioning Group to adhere to its statutory obligations, ensuring compliance with the Public Sector Equality Duty and the Human Rights Act. It also highlights the national and local drivers that will shape and influence our approach and commitment to valuing the diversity of service users and employees.

Along with our Organisational Development Plan and Communications and Engagement Strategy, this plan is one of our enabling documents that will guide us in the delivery of our organisational vision, values and principles. This includes ensuring that our local services are transformed through meaningful engagement and partnership working with our patients, carers, local communities, local authorities, the voluntary, charity and faith sector and provider organisations.

Link to Equality Analysis Template

Link to guidance on building Equality and Diversity into Commissioning and Procurement