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Five Year Strategic Plan

This document is the strategic plan for NHS Eastern Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and covers the period 2014/15 to 2018/19. It responds to the Caring Together Five Year Strategy for the whole health and social care community and is designed to deliver our collective vision of a healthier population with fewer inequalities, and health and care services that are high quality, cost effective and sustainable.

The strategic plan has been based on a thorough analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the local health and social care system and the needs of the changing population. It sets out a strategy for moving the CCG, and its partners in Eastern Cheshire, to a position where it can ensure the commissioning of health and social care services of the highest quality standards in all settings, whilst also delivering financial sustainability.

This plan is ambitious for our citizens (by which we mean our public, patients, families, carers and staff). It focuses on improving outcomes for older people, people with chronic diseases and those suffering from the consequences of health inequality. It focuses particularly on improving the access for these groups to urgent and emergency services, in order to help them avoid unnecessary hospital admissions.

NHS Eastern Cheshire CCG recognises the need to improve the quality of our citizens experiences of health and social care services. Our most significant improvement intervention is therefore focused on integrating – or joining up - services around the patient/person – wherever possible pulling services closer to the person’s home.

This programme of work – known as Caring Together - will deliver improvements in the joining up of health and social care services and the joining up of people’s physical and mental health care. It will deliver closer working between GP practices so that they can drive the joining up of primary, community, secondary and social care around the needs of our citizens.

In developing the five year strategic plan, the CCG has been an active partner in the south sector challenged health economy programme and has fully considered the emergent thinking from this programme wherever possible whilst being cognisant that the work is still on-going and subject to approval by the relevant statutory and regulatory bodies.

As a consequence the CCG expects to develop further updates to this five year strategic plan in line with the emergent thinking of the south sector challenged health economy programme and the conclusion of the development of the Caring Together Five Year Strategy, due to be completed in July 2014.

The chapters of this document provide the detail as to why and how we have developed our plan, specifically:

  • the health and care needs, priorities and challenges facing our citizens and the Eastern Cheshire health economy
  • the development, learning and performance of NHS Eastern Cheshire CCG and the Eastern Cheshire health economy over the last year
  • the statutory responsibilities, national and local objectives
  • the complexity, challenge and opportunities presented by transforming care in Eastern Cheshire
  • the commissioning intentions that form our two year operational plan
  • our five year financial plan and forecast
  • the enablers for change

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