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Our Performance

NHS Eastern Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group is committed to ensuring that we communicate how we are doing against our Annual Plan. We have produced a performance dashboard which contains charts, data and commentary on the major areas of work drawn from the Annual Plan. It is intended to provide a high level view of how the CCG is performing against its main strategic objectives.

The dashboard demonstrates how the CCG and its main providers are performing against 4 national and 9 local targets relating to various issues across the Eastern Cheshire health economy. The dashboard can be used to visually see the performance both on a month by month basis and year to date alongside what needs to be done in future months to ensure that the targets are achieved for the year. There is also a section showing how our main providers (such as East Cheshire NHS Trust) are performing against important national measures such as the 18 week referral to treatment target and the 4 hour A&E waiting time target.

Data comes from several sources including:


Many of these data sources are available for the public to view on the relevant government department website.

The data used against each measure is as up to date as is available; however data may occasionally be reviewed and altered following its publication. This means the data on our dashboard can be subject to change for previous months. In some cases we cannot assess all of these measures against NHS Eastern Cheshire CCG patients only. We sometimes use East Cheshire NHS Trust as our main provider to measure performance against (In these cases this is highlighted and is present in the description of the data on the glossary page of the dashboard).

The data on the dashboard is updated monthly and contains data going back to April 2012 up to the current month where possible.

You can view our performance dashboard by clicking on the links below or by downloading via the menu on the right hand side of this page:  



November - CCG Corporate Dashboard          January - CCG Corporate Dashboard               January - CCG Corporate Dashboard
December - CCG Corporate Dashboard February - CCG Corporate Dashboard February - CCG Corporate Dashboard
  March - CCG Corporate Dashboard March - CCG Corporate Dashboard
  April - CCG Corporate Dashboard April - CCG Corporate Dashboard
  May - CCG Corporate Dashboard May - CCG Corporate Dashboard
  July - CCG Corporate Dashboard June - CCG Corporate Dashboard
  September - CCG Corporate Dashboard July - CCG Corporate Dashboard
  November - CCG Corporate Dashboard September - CCG Corporate Dashboard
    October - CCG Corporate Dashboard
    December - CCG Corporate Dashboard