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Submitted Evidence and Reports Received

Only the NHS Commissioning Board can legally make a decision on the authorisation of a Clinical Commissioning Group. The assessment of a Clinical Commissioing Groups ability to become a statutory NHS organisation that is able to discharge it duties will be based on the evidence gained from several key components including:

  • 360° stakeholder survey
  • desk-top review of subitted evidence
  • case studies
  • site visits

Below are the key evidence documents that NHS Eastern Cheshire Clinical Commissioning has submitted to the NHS Commissioning Board. We have also provided the response reports that we have received back from the assessors after receiving our evidence.

Clinical Commissioning Group Data profile

Clinical Commissioning Group Data profile annex

Clinical Commissioning Group Data profile spine

Strategic Health Authority report on Clinical Commissioning Group

360° Stakeholder Feedback Report

 Desktop Review Report of Clinical Commissioning Group submitted evidence

 Clinical Commissioning Group Response to Desktop Review

 Panel Site Visit Report

 Clinical Commissioning Group Considered Response to Site Visit Report

 Clinical Commissioning Group Moderated Final Evidence Report

Submitted additional evidence to NHS Commissioning Board sub-committee

Confirmation of Authorisation letter

Authorisation Report

Post authorisation June 2013 review conditions report

Confirmation of full Authorisation letter