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Complaints, Concerns & Compliments

We welcome your compliments, comments and complaints

The NHS welcomes any comments that you may have on the services that we commission, whether that is a complaint, a suggestion or a compliment.

Our aim is to ensure that the best possible care and treatment is accesible for our patients and carers, however we understand that although we strive for excellence, occassionlly things may go wrong or peoples experience of healthcare may not be that which we strive to achieve...and which our population deserve.

NHS Eastern Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group is committed to commissioning (buying) high quality and accessible healthcare for the people of Eastern Cheshire. We actively encourage comments from patients, carers and local people on the quality of the services that we commission. 

We currently buy services from a range of 185 providers, including:


If you wish to make a complaint about any of the services that you receive from the providers of healthcare, you can contact the service provider directly.

For North West Ambulance Service there is a centralised feedback procedure as illustrated below: 

In the event a patient or health care professional needs to report an unsatisfactory experience either at the hands of an ambulance crew or patient transport team, or indeed any other part of the NWAS service, there is a formal centralised feedback procedure. The current arrangement offers two channels - phone or email, as follows:

The NWAS team can be contacted on 0345 112 6500


Complainants need to provide as much detail in the content of their report as possible, otherwise central NWAS staff cannot investigate and report back. Essential details include a patient's full name, address and post code plus date and time of incident.

Alternatively, you can make a comment, compliment, complaint or raise a concern to the commissioner of the services.

Your Compliments, Comments or Concerns

How to make a complaint

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