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Individual Funding Requests

An ‘Individual Funding Request’ is a request made on behalf of a patient, by a clinician, for funding of specialised healthcare which falls outside the range of services and treatments that NHS Eastern Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has agreed to commission for the local population.

An Individual Funding Request is taken under consideration when a case can be set out by a patients clinician that there are exceptional clinical circumstances which make the patient’s case different from other patients with the same condition who are at the same stage of their disease, or when the request is for a treatment that is regarded as new or experimental and where there are no other similar patients who would benefit from this treatment.

A detailed response, including the criteria considered in arriving at the decision, will be provided to the patients clinician.

Individual Funding Request Form

Why there is an Individual Funding Request Process

How requests for funding can be made

Information for clinicians

Consideration of the application

Stages of the decision making process

How we make our decisions

Decision process timescales

Specialised Commissioning - Individual Funding Request

If, having read the information in this section you still have questions about the IFR process please contact the IFR Team

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