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27 November 2019

Time:  09:00-11:00

Location: Boardroom One, 1st Floor West Wing, New Alderley House, MDGH, Victoria Road, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK10 3BL


If you wish to raise a concern, ask questions or feedback your comments about individual items contained in the agenda and supporting papers of the Governing Body meeting please contact:

Charles Malkin

Communications Manager


Telephone: 01625 663824

Raising a question/concern - note: Members of the public wishing to ask a question at the Governing Body meeting should provide at least three clear working days notice in writing and should include the question and any supporting information with that notice. This will provide the opportunity to undertake, where necessary, any background research so as to enable the most informed answer to be given. It is not a requirement to give notice of the intention to make use of public speaking provision. However, as a matter of courtesy, a minimum period of 24 hours' notice is encouraged.

Space is limited for members of the public to observe the meetings so please contact Charles in advance of the meeting if you wish to attend.


Link to Agenda front sheet

Link to Agenda and supporting papers 



1.1  Welcome and apologies

Speaker:         Dr Mike Clark, Assistant Clinical Chair


1.2 Declaration of any interests relevant to the agenda items 


1.3  Minutes of the previous meeting held in public 

Link to the UNCONFIRMED minutes of the meeting held in public on 30 October 2019

Link to CCG response to question raised in public


1.4 Public Speaking Time

A total period of 10 minutes is allocated for members of the public to raise a question / make a statement(s) that has been submitted in advance or which would like to be raised on the day, time permitting.

Individual members of the public may speak for up to 5 minutes, but the Chair will decide how the period of time is allocated for public speaking will be apportioned, where there are a number of speakers.


1.5  Chief Officer Report

Speaker:         Clare Watson, Chief Officer

Link to cover paper 

Appendix A - Winter Plan Summary



2.1  Finance Performance Report Month 7, as at 31 October 2019

Speaker:       Lynda Risk, Executive Director of Finance and Contracting 

Link to cover paper

2.1a       QIPP Individual Schemes Highlight Report


2.2 Governing Body Assurance Framework

Speaker:         Matthew Cunningham, Director of Governance and Corporate Development

Link to cover paper


2.3   Transforming Care Programme Update

Speaker:         Tracey Cole,  Executive Director of Strategy and Partnerships

Link to cover paper



3.1 Proposed Decision Making and Governance Structure Proposals for Cheshire 

Speaker:        Phil Meakin, Head of Collaborative Commissioning

Link to cover paper


3.2 2019-2020 Quarter 2 Quality and Performance Update

Speaker:        Paula Wedd, Executive Director of Quality and Patient Experience & Neil Evans, Executive Director of Performance and Delivery

Link to cover paper



4. COMMITTEES OF THE CCG MINUTES - for information 

4.1 Eastern Cheshire Primary Care (General Medical) Care Services Commissioning Committee 

No report on this occasion 


4.2 Cheshire CCGs Joint Commissioning Committee

No report on this occasion 



5.1 Governance and Audit Committee

No report on this occasion 


5.2 Remuneration Committee

No report on this occasion


5.3 Clinical Quality and Performance Committee - October 2019

Speaker:         Sheila Hillhouse, Registered Nurse on the Governing Body

Link to cover paper



6.1 Locality Management Meeting

Speaker:         Dr Mike Clark, Assistant Clinical Chair

Link to cover paper 


6.2   Eastern Cheshire HealthVoice

Speaker:        Jane Stephens, Lay Member for Public and Patient Involvement

Link to cover paper


Meeting Close 

Time and date of next meeting: Thursday 23 January 2020