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What is Eastern Cheshire HealthVoice?

Eastern Cheshire HealthVoice group is the Patient, Carer and Public Reference Group for NHS Eastern Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). It is also an advisory committee to its Governing Body.

It acts as a champion for patients, carers and the public in Eastern Cheshire to influence and support the development and commissioning of local healthcare services by NHS Eastern Cheshire CCG and other health bodies where appropriate. 

The group meets every eight weeks. 

You can download the Eastern Cheshire HealthVoice Group Terms of Reference here.

Who is invited?

Healthvoice is open to everyone - if you see something that interests you on the agenda, or if you would like to suggest a topic to talk about then please get in touch with us. 

What does HealthVoice talk about?

The agenda for HealthVoice is set by the people who attend. Discussions have ranged from national developments from NHS England, to being involved in the deciding where healthcare budgets should be spent in Eastern Cheshire. What matters to you in healthcare, matters to us as a CCG. 

You can download all of the previous minutes and agenda items in the information below or via the right hand side of this page. 

2012 Meeting Information

2013 Meeting Information

2014 meeting information

2014 Meeting Information                   2015 Meeting Information           
Wednesday 22nd January Tuesday 20th January 2015
Friday 28th March Friday 20th March 2015
Friday 23rd May Thursday 23rd April 2015
 Friday 8th August 2014 Thursday 18th June 2015
 Friday 19th September 2014  Friday 25th September 2015
 Friday 21st November 2014  Friday 20th November 2015
2016 Meeting Information  
Friday 22nd January 2016  
Thursday 17th March 2016  
Tuesday 10th May 2016  
Thursday 14th July 2016  









What does Eastern Cheshire HealthVoice do?

The group acts as a champion for patients, carers and members of the public by:-

  • Contributing to the development of the Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Establishing a constructive engagement programme based on openness and transparency
  • Discussing and confirming service improvement actions following the finds of local and national consultation and engagement activities
  • Informing respective Commissioning Leads on areas of concern to help decision-making in the review of care pathways
  • Ensuring the Clinical Commissioning Group is compliant with legislation, adopts good practice and implements national policy on patient, carer and public engagement and experience and challenges when there are indications of non-compliance
  • Contributing to the production of an annual report by NHS Eastern Cheshire CCG of patient, carer and public engagement, consultation and experience for presentation to the Governing Body of the CCG.

HealthVoice is a forum for individuals and organisations to share their patient and carer experiences in order to identify improvements and aide the CCG in the planning and buying of healthcare in Eastern Cheshire.


What does Eastern Cheshire HealthVoice discuss?

On this page, you will be able to find out about what HealthVoice has been involved in and what topics have been discussed for the benefit of patients, carers and members of the public across Eastern Cheshire.

All future meeting papers are able to view on the right hand side under the title "related pages"

Find Out More...

To find out more about HealthVoice go to:

or please contact:

Usman Nawaz