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Managing Conflicts of Interest

Declaration and Register of Interests: Gifts and Hospitality

We are responsible for the stewardship of public resources in commissioning services for the community, and are determined to inspire confidence and trust by being an open and transparent organisation.  Part of this commitment involves ensuring all our decisions are taken, and demonstrably seen to be taken, for the right reasons and without any possibility of the influence of external or private interests.

Our Governing Body members, GP members, employees and any other individuals who act on our behalf regularly update a declaration of interest register. Click here for our guidance on declaring interests, gifts and hospitality. Members will also raise any emerging issues or specific interests at the start of meetings, including Governing Body meetings.

In addition our members and employees are required to disclose any gifts or hospitality received, or offered and declined, from third parties. These declarations are subject to the rules and statutory guidance contained within the CCG Constitution, Standards of Business Conduct Policies and guidance including Managing Conflicts of Interest: revised Statutory Guidance for CCGs published in June 2016 and revised in 2017 by NHS England.

All interests will remain on the public register for six months after the interest has expired. However, we will retain records for a minimum of six years after the date on which it expired.  These may be obtained by contacting the CCG at

Register of Conflicts of Interest Breaches

It is the duty of every CCG employee, governing body member, committee or sub-committee member and GP practice member to speak up about genuine concerns in relation to the administration of our policy on conflicts of interest management, and to report these concerns. These individuals should not ignore their suspicions or investigate themselves but rather speak to the designated CCG point of contact for these matters, in this case the Accountable Officer or the Conflicts of Interest Guardian.The Conflicts of Interest Guardian is normally the Chair of the Governance and Audit Committee.

Anonymised details of breaches will be published on this website for the purpose of learning and development as part of the Declaration and Register of Interests: Gifts and Hospitality.

Register of Procurement Decisions

Our Procurement Register is a register of procurement decisions taken, who was involved in making the decision and a summary of any conflicts of interest in relation to the decision and how this was managed. This allows us to demonstrate that we are acting fairly and transparently and in the best interest of our patients and local population.

All CCGs must maintain a register of procurement decisions taken. This is in line with the requirements of the document, Managing Conflicts of Interest: Revised Statutory Guidance for CCGs, published in June 2016.

See also our Contracts and Procurement webpage.

Click here for guidance from NHS England on managing conflicts of interest.

Click here for a best practice update from February 2019