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Primary Care Joint Commissioning Committee

On the 1 April 2016 this committee was superseded by the Eastern Cheshire Primary Care Committee


On 1 April 2015 NHS Eastern Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), took greater responsibility and involvement in the design, shaping and commissioning of local general practices, in a joint commissioning arrangement with NHS England.

This new arrangement allowed the CCG to work more closely with those responsible for securing the provision of general practice, NHS England, to support local plans to improve primary care services in Eastern Cheshire.

This joint approach between our CCG and NHS England is referred to as the Co-commissioning of Primary (General Medical) Care Services.

The Primary (General Medical) Care Services Joint Commissioning Committee (‘Committee’) was established in accordance with NHS Eastern Cheshire CCG’s Constitution, Standing Orders and Scheme of Delegation. It was a formal sub-committee of the Governing Body of NHS Eastern Cheshire CCG.

The Committee was comprised of representatives from NHS England Cheshire and Merseyside, NHS Eastern Cheshire CCG and representatives from other organisations where appropriate.  It undertook the function of jointly commissioning a common approach to primary general medical care services for Eastern Cheshire.  

The role and remit of this Committee is outlined within its Terms of Reference, which can be found by clicking here

Meetings of the Committee were held in public.

The Agenda and supporting papers for each Committee meeting is available on this website to the public.