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Health Matters - Seven Steps to Self Care
Health Matters - Seven Steps to Self Care

Dr Julia Huddart, clinical lead for urgent care at NHS Eastern Cheshire CCG

Fortunately, common ailments tend to be a short-lived misery for most of us. But normally minor, self-limiting illnesses can be far more worrying for people with long-term conditions like heart failure. And if we throw flu into the mix, the consequences can be grave.

23 November 2017
Health Matters - World Diabetes Day
Health Matters - World Diabetes Day

Dr Paul Bowen, clinical chair of NHS Eastern Cheshire CCG, and GP with McIlvride Medical Practice, Poynton

As it’s World Diabetes Day on 14 November, I thought I’d use this week’s column to tell you about a Congleton pensioner whose life has been transformed by following a course for people at risk of developing diabetes.

15 November 2017
Retired council official salutes diabetes prevention programme

A Congleton pensioner lost two stone in just 10 weeks after following a course for people at risk of developing diabetes.

08 November 2017
Health Matters - Financial challenges

Jerry Hawker, chief officer of NHS Eastern Cheshire CCG

To try to reduce our debt, we’re working hard this year to save £17.9m, or nearly four per cent of turnover. But, even if we manage it, we’ll still end the year with a debt of £13.4m agreed with NHS England.

Yet our end-of-year deficit is more likely to be £23.1m. That’s because there’s a gap of nearly £7m that we will not be able to bridge unless we make major changes to the way services are delivered. Such changes would almost certainly require public consultation and approval in principle by NHS England. Discussions have been underway for some time and it’s likely that an announcement will be made early next year.

08 November 2017
Health Matters - HealthVoice - Congleton Town Hall

Are you passionate about the NHS? Would you like to influence how healthcare is planned and bought for the 204,000 people of Eastern Cheshire?


Then why not join me at Congleton Town Hall next Tuesday (14 November), from 9.30am to 12 noon, for a meeting of an independent patient and carer group called HealthVoice?

31 October 2017
National praise for pioneering mental health service

We've been saluted for transforming the way care is provided to people with mild to moderate stress, anxiety or depression.

27 October 2017
Health Matters - Eastern Cheshire Cancer Strategy

Our cancer care was recently rated outstanding by NHS England. Reasons for this include the fact that the number of people dying from cancer in Eastern Cheshire is 14 per cent below the national average – and nearly 20 per cent lower than in 2003.

Despite these successes, we’re not complacent and are constantly striving for improvement. And that’s why our governing body approved a new cancer strategy last month for the next four years.


25 October 2017
Regional award for health app

Regional award for health app

A pioneering health app has won a prestigious regional award.

24 October 2017
Health Matters - Movember

Dr Mike Clark, GP with High Street Surgery, Macclesfield and governing body member of NHS Eastern Cheshire CCG

I’m calling on my male friends and colleagues to support Movember, the annual global campaign to improve men’s health by raising funds for research and treatment for prostate and testicular cancer and men’s mental wellbeing.

18 October 2017
Health Matters - NHS Right Care

Dr Mike Clark, Clinical Lead for NHS RightCare at NHS Eastern Cheshire CCG

I’m going to start this week’s column in an unusual way by quoting an American academic called William Edwards Deming. While this may seem a peculiar introduction to a health column, I hope the reason will soon become clear.

Deming was an engineer, statistician, author and lecturer who died in 1993, aged 93. One of his best-known quotes is as follows: “Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.”

And that’s certainly the case for NHS clinicians and managers if they start redesigning services without evidence of what the current service achieves or the likely impact of a planned change.

For that reason, we’re signed up to a national programme called NHS RightCare which is all about reducing variation in the quality of services in order to improve people’s health and achieve better value for money in the planning and buying of healthcare.

11 October 2017
Health Matters - Atrial fibrillation

You may have heard of atrial fibrillation (AF). This is a condition of the heart that can often go undetected until people fall ill. It can lead to a stroke, and can produce symptoms such as palpitations, breathlessness and fatigue.

The main cause of AF is high blood pressure, and keeping fit, exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy weight and a low salt diet will all help prevent AF and other serious health complications. 

04 October 2017
National plaudits for pioneering health app

A ground breaking app that was built to ease pressure on hospital A&E departments is in the running for a prestigious national award.

29 September 2017
Health Matters - Why your GP is great value

Dr Paul Bowen, clinical chair of NHS Eastern Cheshire CCG, and GP with McIlvride Medical Practice, Poynton

What does £146 get you these days? Four months’ dog insurance, three months’ car insurance, two months of a comprehensive TV sports and film package? Half an hour with a high street solicitor?

It’s also the value of a full year of general practice care. Yes, your local NHS GP gets on average £146 per year from the taxpayer for 12 months of care. On average, a GP will see each patient six times per year (double the frequency from a decade ago), that’s £24 a visit.

27 September 2017