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Caitlin O'Connell, our student placement from The University of Manchester, is working as a Transformation Programme Support Officer for the next year. Below, she has written about her experiences  of working as part of the CCG.

August 13th - September 7th

Hi everyone,

It's now been 2 months since I started working at the CCG, so here's an update on what I've been working on.


Know Your Numbers!

As Know Your Numbers draws nearer, preparation for the week is really underway. Partners across Cheshire East have been working closely in the run up to the campaign, raising awareness of the risks of high blood pressure and encouraging both the public and staff within their organisation to get their blood pressure checked for free at one of the many pressure stations running from September 10-16th 2018. 


The Team!

All of the partnership organisations have worked so so hard these past few months to ensure the success of the campaign so fingers crossed everything goes to plan next week! Check my next post to find out...


Snow White

I've also started working on the 'Snow White' dashboard - This is a database created by our analysts that captures all sorts of information on a daily basis - From A+E performance to the weather! All of this information helps keep everything running smoothly....This feeds in to some other work I've started on recently around the Eastern Cheshire Discharge to Assess Process and Pathway. A workshop is coming up shortly to map the various work and confirm the approach going forward. I couldn't believe quite how much work goes on behind the scenes!


Autism Pathway

I have continued working on the Autism Pathway for NHS Eastern Cheshire CCG and I am now also helping to contribute to the pathway being re-designed in South Cheshire and Vale Royal. It's great to see the work come together.


Quality and Inequality Impact Assessment training (QEIA training)

 At the end of August I attended a Quality and Inequality Impact Assessment training session, run by the Deputy Chief Nursing Officer at NHS Northern, Eastern and Western Devon CCG. This was to explain a new QEIA tool that has been agreed to be adopted across Cheshire. The tool ensures that quality and equality are managed objectively and allows us to identify early risks whilst developing new projects or changing existing services. On the day, we were put into teams to talk through a hypothetical situation. We discussed the potential challenges that may arise and how we would address these. The session provided an extremely engaging and critical way of thinking of quality and equality impact assessments. This is something I hope I can get involved in during my time at the CCG.

 So that's what I've been up to during month two, check back soon for the next post!