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Get active for NHS 70!

Get active for NHS 70!
11 July 2018

A Macclesfield-based GP and practice manager have urged people to give the NHS a great 70th birthday present by eating healthily and taking plenty of exercise.

The plea was made this week by Dr Louise Hastings and Mrs Chris Campbell-Kelly who have clocked up combined service of 46 years at Park Lane Surgery.

They said that the key to a successful NHS for the next 70 years was effective self-care that would reduce the number of people living with conditions such as diabetes and putting unnecessary pressure on urgent and emergency care.

Dr Hastings

Mrs Campbell-Kelly

They insisted that self-care was not the responsibility of patients alone and that the NHS had a role to play by empowering people to look after themselves. Eastern Cheshire’s 22 GP practices all have clinics to promote healthy lifestyles and help people with long-term conditions like heart failure, diabetes and serious breathing problems.

The NHS in Eastern Cheshire was also helping by working with partners including Cheshire East Council to join up health and social care services, supporting older and vulnerable people to live independently at home – which is where most people want to be.

In Macclesfield and across Eastern Cheshire, care communities were being set up to fit services around people. Meanwhile, the local NHS was investing in technology to make it easier for people to access services online 24/7.

Dr Hastings and Mrs Campbell-Kelly called on people to get more involved in shaping their healthcare by joining the Patient Participation Group (PPG) of their GP practice. PPGs ensure the patient voice is heard when care is reviewed, and they help promote services to patients. For more information on the Park Lane PPG, call 01625 422893 or ask at reception.

Mrs Campbell-Kelly saw her role as a practice manager in two ways: to ensure that the practice ran in a way that allowed people to do the job they were trained for, for example freeing up nurses to be nurses and doctors to be doctors; and to make access to services as easy and as slick as possible for patients. She added that she also represented the practice at various meetings with the CCG.

Dr Hastings said she worked day to day caring for patients while encouraging joined-up working in Macclesfield through the emerging care community. As a senior partner at the practice, she also had a managerial role and represented the practice at CCG meetings. She was also a trustee of East Cheshire Hospice.

She said she was proud to have seen a significant increase in women doctors in recent years.

“I’m also proud of our Park Lane team and how well we work together, helping each other through good times and bad. We also help each other identify new projects and do them well.”

Mrs Campbell-Kelly was part of the recruitment team that appointed Dr Hastings.

Asked what attracted her to the NHS, Dr Hastings said: “I was born in the NHS, I have had treatment from the NHS and I wanted to be a doctor. I believe in the NHS and I have now worked here for 20 years.”

Mrs Campbell-Kelly lives in Macclesfield while Dr Hastings is a resident of Bollington.

In her spare time, Mrs Campbell-Kelly loves spending time with her family, going to the theatre and walking while Dr Hastings enjoys walking, gardening and family time.