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Health Matters: Cheshire Care Record

Health Matters: Cheshire Care Record
02 December 2019



Dr Andrew Wilson, clinical chair of NHS Eastern Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group

The Cheshire Care Record (CCR) is an electronic health and social care record. It pulls key information from several different health and social care records and stores it in one combined record. This enables health and social care professionals involved in your care to find key information in one place.


To provide the best care to you as a service user, it is essential that health and social care professionals have access to the most up-to-date information that they can use collectively to get you the treatment and care plan you need.


The many different organisations involved include:

  • GPs
  • Out-of-hours services
  • Social care
  • Hospitals
  • Specialist care, including cancer services
  • Community care
  • Mental health care
  • North West Ambulance Trust


Only the health professionals involved in your care will access your information.


Improved access to patient health and social care information across multiple providers will lead to:

  • Better and faster clinical decisions which means you will be treated quicker and you’ll be back home faster.
  • Not being asked the same questions over and over again.
  • Safer care because clinicians have all of your information, for example any allergies you have or medications you are on.
  • Fewer errors.
  • An improved patient journey because the different care providers know what your preferences are.
  • You feeling more involved and engaged in your care package.



So that as many people as possible benefit from the Cheshire Care Record, your information will be included automatically unless you decide to ‘opt out’. You must tell your GP or social care worker if you do not want your details to be shared on the Cheshire Care Record.


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