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Health Matters: Organ Donation Week

Health Matters: Organ Donation Week
02 September 2019







Dr Andrew Wilson, clinical chair of NHS Eastern Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group

Organ Donation Week

Organ Donation week runs from Monday 2nd September to Sunday 8th September, it’s a week geared to showing the generosity of the donors and the incredible impact they have on lives of the people that they donate to.

Organ Donations help save lives every day and contrary to a popular myth, people from a wide range of ethnicities and backgrounds can become an organ donor. A full list can be found here by searching ‘Your Faiths and Beliefs’.

There are lots of different ways that you can become an organ donor, whilst you're alive you donate organs such as your kidney or part of your liver. You can also donate tissue or bone whilst you’re living, an example of this, would be if you had a total hip replacement, you could donate the living bone, another option for donation is amniotic membrane.

When you’re dead you can become a full donor, a list of what you can donate is here: and searching ‘What can you donate?’

Some of the figures we have although good are still not what we need. Although we have had 1123 successful transplants since April 2019 but 6249 people are still waiting, so we urgently need donors.

It’s very easy to become an organ donor, all you need to do is go onto and follow the instructions. Although, from Spring 2020 it will be opt out rather than opt out for organ donation, which means you will actively have to say no to giving your organs.

More information on organ donation and what’s going on that week please visit :