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Urgent Dental Care in Cheshire

Urgent Dental Care in Cheshire
18 April 2019

Local dental providers offer NHS Urgent Dental Clinics across Cheshire with appointments for patients who need urgent treatment, advice and support on dental queries or referral to other services.

Urgent dental care for patients in Cheshire and Merseyside is accessed via the Dental Helpline on 0161 476 9651 from 9am to 9.30pm every day, including weekends and Bank Holidays.

The service is provided according to strict clinical criteria, and when you call you’ll be assessed by a clinician to make sure your problem comes under either:

  • Trauma - this is usually caused by a blow to the face, a lost filling is not classed as trauma
  • Swelling of the face
  • Bleeding - uncontrolled, such as after an extraction
  • Pain that can’t be controlled by pain relief medicines.

If you’re given an appointment and your problem doesn’t fit any of the above, you’ll still have to pay the NHS fee but may receive advice instead of treatment.

Clinic times vary, and at busy times or when your local clinic isn’t available you may be offered an appointment at an alternative location.

Dental Helpline: 0161 476 9651