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Our Performance

NHS Eastern Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group is committed to ensuring that we communicate how we are doing against our Annual Plans. This section will enable us to display our Quality and Performance documents, which provide a high level view of how the CCG is performing against national and local targets. The table below gives a brief description of the components within our Quality and Performance documents. 

We have developed an Improvement Assessment Framework (IAF) that measures our performance in priority areas, showing where we are doing well and where we need to improve. We compare our performance against national averages and that of similar CCGs.

The IAF is reported monthly to Governing Body, which recommends actions to improve performance where necessary.

Quality Premium

A financial reward to CCGs for improvements in the quality of the services that they commission and for associated improvements in health outcomes and reducing inequalities. The Quality Premium is based on six measures for 2015/16 (explained in the documents below) that cover a combination of national and local priorities.



NHS Constitution

As part of the NHS Standard contract, providers have a legal requirement to adhere to certain operational standards. These include Referral to Treatment by 18 weeks (RTT), A&E four-hour waits, cancer two-week waits and cancelled operations. There are consequences of breaching the contract if the standards are not met.



A&E Headline Data

A four-hour target in emergency departments was introduced by the Department of Health for NHS acute hospitals in England in 2004. A percentage target of patients that attend an A&E department and must be seen, treated, admitted or discharged in under four hours.



CQUINs (Commissioning for Quality & Innovation)

CQUINs are a financial incentive to providers to deliver high quality care through innovative ideas and collaborative working streams.

Each year NHS England will release a few National CQUINs which each provider must achieve in order to receive payment. The rest are built up of local CQUIN goals which are agreed with providers. There are certain milestones which the providers must achieve and demonstrate evidence of how they have achieved it.

The CQUIN payment is always 2.5 per cent of a provider’s contract. The CCG does not have to pay the provider all of the CQUIN; they can part pay, if certain milestones have not been achieved.


Snow White

This is an urgent care dashboard which provides a real-time view of the local health system and enables patients to receive excellent, timely care. The data used to create the dashboards comes from several sources including:




We publish the penalties in the 2015/16 contract that have a financial impact for our providers.












You can view our Quality and Performance documents by selecting a category from the box below. For additional information about the documents, please click on the text boxes that are highlighted red in the corner.

The data used against each measure is as up to date as is available; however data may occasionally be reviewed and altered following its publication. This means the data on our dashboard can be subject to change for previous months. In some cases we cannot assess all of these measures against NHS Eastern Cheshire CCG patients only. We sometimes use East Cheshire NHS Trust as our main provider to measure performance against.