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MSK services and health optimisation

To improve access to services for people with conditions affecting the muscles and skeleton, we have established a triage and clinical assessment service to which you can refer yourself without having a GP appointment first. The triage is carried out by InHealth Ltd.

Depending on your symptoms, you might be referred for community physiotherapy. If that happens, you can choose from the following 11 providers:

Click here to read our leaflet explaining the service

Click here for the form to complete if you wish to refer yourself to the MSK physiotherapy service

Click here to read questions that patients have asked GP receptionists about the triage and clinical assessment service

Click here to read questions that patients have asked GPs about the triage and clinical assessment service

Click here to find out more about your signs and symptoms.  The link will allow you to select the body part that's causing you pain. It also links to self-help information from NHS Choices.

People wishing to refer themselves to the triage and assessment service should complete the self-referral form available as a download on the right-hand side of this page.

InHealth Ltd will use the other downloadable form to refer patients for community physiotherapy following triage and clinical assessment. Clinicians will complete this form with patients to give them a choice of provider.

Health Optimisation

We have agreed a health optimisation policy to help patients get into the best possible shape for planned surgery. If the consultant or referring GP believes that a patient needs to lose weight, stop smoking or drink less alcohol, the medical professional and patient will agree targets that the patient will need to meet before surgery takes place. There is strong evidence that patients recover more quickly and completely if they are in good physical shape before undergoing surgery.

The policy has not been introduced to delay planned surgery, and it will not apply in cases where the consultant and anaesthetist agree that the surgery has become urgent for medical reasons.

Depending on their needs, patients needing support to optimise their health will be referred to the One You service provided by Cheshire East Council or to Everybody Healthy.

Click here for our easy-read leaflet describing health optimisation

Click here to see the form that health professionals will use to refer patients for support

Click here for the information that clinicians will use when explaining the process to patients

Click here to read the health optimisation policy

Click here for Dr Mike Clark's health column explaining why we've adopted the policy