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How to Self-Care        


These videos and fact sheets for common ailments aim to help GPs and patients discuss issues around self care and how to handle their symptoms in the future. 

  • Useful facts
  • What patients can expect to happen
  • What people can do to help themselves
  • When to seek medical help
  • Where to find out more

Watch the videos and click the fact sheets at the bottom of the page for more information.

1.Common Cold

2. Fever in Children

3. Sore Throat

4. Ear Ache


5. Breathing Conditions


6. Lower Back Pain

7. Eczema

8. Heartburn & Indigestion

9. Constipation

10. Headache & Migraine

11. Cough

12. Acne

13. Sprains and Strains

14. Sinusitis

15. Urine symptoms in men

16. Ear Wax

17. Cervical Smear Tests


The fact sheets available to download as a PDF on the links below.

Your GP may use the fact sheets to talk to you about self care during your consultation.



Common Cold.pdf

Child fever NB.pdf


Ear Wax.pdf





Sore Throat.pdf


Low back pain.pdf


urinary symptoms in men.pdf




Over-the-counter medicines are available to buy in a pharmacy or supermarket. Look up your nearest pharmacy.The team of health professionals at your local pharmacy can offer help and clinical advice to manage minor health concerns. If your symptoms suggest it's more serious, they'll ensure you get the care you need.


Please click here for more information non out-of-hours medicines.