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Our Readers Panel

Why does the Clinical Commissioning Group need a Reader’s Panel?

It is important to the Clinical Commissioning Group that its publications are understandable, easy to read, interesting to our population, but mainly as if they are written by patients and carers, for patients and carers.

The only way we can ensure that we achieve this is to ask our citizens to guide us.


What is a Reader’s Panel and what does it do?

 A Reader’s Panel are a group of volunteers who will be asked to look at any of our public facing documents, such as reports or leaflets, that we will be publishing.

 Panel members will be asked for their comments on the publication and will be asked to think about the following:

  • Does the information make sense – are there are any words that could be amended, changed or altered?
  • How is the information presented – is it clear or is there a better way that it could be presented? Does it appeal to you? Would you want to read it?
  • Does the information answer any questions that you may have?


How do the documents get to me?

You have the option to choose how you wish to receive the documents and how you wish to respond.

We can either send information via the post and provide a freepost envelope for you to return your comments, or we are able to send you things via email for you to respond via this way.

We want to ensure that we make it as easy for our members as possible, as we really do value everyone’s input.

How often will I receive things?

We will try, where possible to keep a commitment to our members that we will send no more than three publications per month, and as some documents may take longer to read than others, we will always ensure that our Panel Members have plenty of time to respond.

What happens once I have commented on them?

Once you have made your comments, amendments and additions they will need to be sent back to Rebecca Patel, the Public Engagement Manager for the Clinical Commissioning Group.

We will try and incorporate the comments, amendments or additions that we receive.

We will try and ensure that the Reader’s Panel have sight of any final documents prior to being published, but where this is not possible we will ensure that all Panel Members will receive the final documents to see how important their input has been.

How do I join?

If you are interested in becoming a Reader’s Panel member or would like to know more then please contact Rebecca Patel, the Public Engagement manager on the following details:

Telephone: 01625 663 864


Address: 1st Floor I New Alderley Building I Victoria Road I Macclesfield I Cheshire I SK10 3BL