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Working Together Across Cheshire

Public feedback on proposal to create a single Cheshire CCG

In May 2018 the Governing Bodies of Cheshire’s four NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) – Eastern Cheshire, South Cheshire, Vale Royal and West Cheshire – agreed to progress a number of recommendations relating to the proposed creation of a single Cheshire CCG in April 2020.

Working Together Across Cheshire, the title given to the related programme of work, is seen as the best way to support the delivery of more consistent, joined-up care across the county and to give Cheshire a more powerful voice in championing the needs of local people at regional and national level.

Following proactive work to engage members of the public and stakeholders in our proposals between May 2018 and May 2019, a dedicated Public Engagement Period was launched on 28 May 2019 to enable people’s views to be formally captured.

The findings of the public engagement activity have now been included in a ballot pack issued to the GP Memberships of all four CCGs to inform a seven-week voting process from Monday 5 August to Friday 20 September.

Should a majority of member practices vote in favour of the development of a single Cheshire CCG, a formal application will be made to NHS England this autumn. We will not be able to publicise the results of the ballot or confirm whether an application will be made until after 26 September.

A Public Engagement Period online survey (now closed) was responded to by 376 people across Cheshire between 28 May and 23 June 23rd 2019. The headline results were:

  • 76.5 per cent supported the creation of a single Cheshire CCG in April 2020
  • 70.5 per cent agreed that the move towards one CCG should happen alongside the development of two Integrated Care Partnerships
  • 85.3 per cent said that the CCGs should find new opportunities to plan and buy services together in 2019-20
  • 80.3 per cent agreed that the CCGs should introduce shared decision-making processes

To read a detailed report on the survey findings please click here

Click here to read the action plan for the engagement period.

Click here to read the post-submission engagement plan for the period from September 2019 to March 2020.

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