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You Said, We Did

We have developed a process which is followed by everyone who works for the CCG and which ensures that the voice of the public and our patients is heard at every stage in the commissioning cycle we use to plan, buy and monitor healthcare.

We are committed to being open and transparent about how your feedback helps inform our planning and buying of healthcare.

A series of discussions with our HealthVoice patient and carer reference group told us that we needed to be clearer about how we use the feedback we receive. In response, we developed the following You Said, We Did Framework to show how your input informs our work.

 You SaidWe DidHow You Were Involved
There was a lack of readily-accessible information to help parents know what to do when their pre-school children fall ill.  We worked with NHS South Cheshire CCGCheshire East Council and health technology studio Damibu Ltd to develop CATCH, an award-winning, free app that tells parents when it's safe to nurse 0 to 5 year olds at home and when medical help is needed. We visited several pre-school nurseries to ask parents about the content they wanted in the proposed app. Members of HealthVoice were involved in designing the service specification.
Relatives and friends of people with severe, long-term ill health said they did not want psychiatric inpatient beds for adults to be transferred from Macclesfield to Chester as part of a proposed redesign of specialist mental health services. They said it would be far more difficult to visit their loved ones in hospital. Working with NHS South Cheshire CCGNHS Vale Royal CCG and Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, we implemented a revised option that enabled the beds to stay in Macclesfield.  We held focus groups with service users and their carers, we organised pop-up events in healthcare settings, we held seven public meetings, and we published and promoted an online survey. The chosen option was developed as a direct result of this activity.
People with muscle and joint problems said it was taking too long for their GP to refer them for physiotherapy and that there weren't enough providers to choose from. We commissioned a community physiotherapy service to which people can self-refer.  Patients, including HealthVoice supporters, were members of the project team that designed the service specification.
Stroke survivors said they needed more support to make a complete recovery after returning home from hospital. We contracted University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust to provide a community stroke rehabilitation service. Patients were involved in designing the service specification and in scoring the tenders submitted by prospective providers.
People with an age-related eye condition said they faced lengthy journeys outside Cheshire to receive outpatient care. We contracted with three local providers. Eastern Cheshire Patient Participation Groups made an appeal for relevant patients to help score the competitive tenders. A patient came forward and participated in the evaluation.
Adults with hearing loss said that the exclusion criteria for our existing service were too restrictive and that there weren't enough providers to choose from. At the same time, cae home managers said the service was difficult for their residents to access. We have introduced a new service that addresses all the concerns. Patient and public engagement included a HealthVoice supporter with hearing loss being a member of the project team that developed the service specification. Click here for a full description of the engagement that took place.
Our redesigned hearing loss service for people aged 55 and over was not adequately meeting the population's needs. We extended the service to anyone aged 18 or over. We introduced a pathway for referrals from primary care to secondary care, allowing further investigations to happen in a timely way when required. We guaranteed access to free replacement hearing aid batteries for the first six months after supply. Click here to find out how you were involved.
You didn't want the inconvenience of having to book a GP appointment to get referred for community physiotherapy. We introduced an online self-referral tool and triage to enable you to get the right treatment more quickly. Click here to find out how you were involved.
There were no community-based services for people with long-term hip or knee pain We contracted Everybody Sport and Leisure to run a 12-month pilot offering exercise classes to people meeting the criteria. If evidence shows that patients are benefiting from the service, we will commission the service long term. Click here to find out how you were involved.